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Changing profile rights

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Changing profile rights
« on: January 25, 2011, 19:47:02 »
Under !sethelp command you can see the section that will help you to make changes in profiles in your hub.

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Profile Management
!addprofile <profilename> <profilelevel> [<source profile>] - Add a new profile. If no source profile is specified, the Reg profile settings will be used
!delprofile <profilename> [<replacement profile>] - Delete a userprofile, if no replacement profile is specified, all users with this account will be moved to 'Reg' profile
!modprofile <profilename> <setting> <value> - Change a profilesetting or use !profile -h for help
!showprofile <profilename> - Show profile settings
!allow <profilename> <commandname>[,<commandname2>] [false] - Allow a profile to use certain commands/options
!override <profilename> <setting> [false] - Override a certain setting for a profile

Some basic profiles has has been set up as default in your FlexHub:

   10    Hubowner - Owner of the hub
   10    Bot - Main hubbot, can't be changed (invisible)
   10    Gui - Profile for GUI, can't be changed
     9    NetOwner - NetOwner/NetFounder
     8    Master - Hub Master
     7    Admin - Hub Administrator
     6    Moderator - Hub Moderator
     5    Operator - Hub Operator
     4    SuperUser - SU
     3    KVip - Special Vip
     2    Vip - Very Important Person
     0    Reg - Registered user
    -1    User - Unregistered user
    -1    Pinger - Hublist Pinger
You can change/delete all the profiles. To list all profiles that you can see above type !showprofiles.
To add new profile use !addprofile command:
e.g. !addprofile TB-Vip 4 SuperUser
( TB-Vip is a name for a new profile, 4 is a profile number which will be assigned to this profile, SuperUser is a source of profile settings that will be copied to your new profile)
To check exactly which commands and are assigned to each profile and which hub rules each profile can override type:
!showprofile <profile name>
e.g. !showprofile Operator (to check Operator's privileges).

!showprofile -h and !modprofile -h will display detailed help to !allow and !override commands that are ussed to manage all settings that can be changed for each profile.

With !allow command you can add/remove commands available for each profile,
e.g. !allow Operator lockmain true   - to allow Operator account to use "!lockmain" command.
To add few in one command simply list them and seperate with a comma:
e.g. !allow Operator getpass,help,hide,hideshare,history,hubinfo true

With !override commmand you can allow/disallow a profile to override hub settings.
e.g. !override Admin minshare true  - to allow Admin to override minimum share settings in your hub
To add few in one command simply list them and seperate with a comma:
e.g. !override Admin maxshare,maxslots,maxusers,minshare,minslots true

You can also check !modprofile -h if you want to check help about advanced profile settings that can be changed:

   Showing settings for !modprofile <profilename> <setting> <value>

   desc, fakekey, key, level, operator

Detailed info on profile:

   Showing profile information for: Operator
   Profile level:       5
   Description:       HubOperator
   Operator:       Yes
   Has Key:          Yes
   Has Fake Key:       No

desc - use to set up description for the profile
e.g. !modprofile SuperUser desc This is super user account
fakekey - use to add a fake key to the profile (user can seem himself with a key in a userlist, but noone else does)
e.g. !modprofile SuperUser fakekey false
key - use to add a key to the profile
e.g. !modprofile SuperUser key false
level - use to set up level of the profile
e.g. !modprofile SuperUser level 4
operator - use to give an operator status to the profile
e.g. !modprofile SuperUser operator true

(Suggestion) To check if changes was made to the profile, after each command you can type: !showprofile <profile name>
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