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Console explanations
« on: February 02, 2011, 22:02:24 »
After you install FlexHub (help links above), first thing you need to do to turn your hub on is to get friendly with Flexhub Console. You can find it in a folder of your installation called FlexHub, file name is: FlexHub.exe - double click it. Give your hub a name and put it in "Hubname" field. Make sure you forwarded ports for your hub (if any doubts check here: http://portforward.com/,) and that the same ports you typed in "Regular port(s)" field (if there is more then one, should be seperated with comma. And now hit the button called "Start Hub" and voilĂ  :) Check your external IP and use it to connect to your hub (your IP:port).

Start/Stop Hub - Start/stop the hub
Autostart hub - Hub will start automaticly every time when console will be turned on
Hubname - Name of your hub
Regular port(s) - Ports you want to use for your hub (seperated with commas)
Start/Stop GUI - Start/stop GUI
Allow remote - Allow remote GUI connections
GUI password - Password assigned to your GUI
Debug level - Debug lever for console window

To make your first hub account:
- Choose profile Hubowner in "Profile" section
- Add your loginname and choose a SAFE password
- Optionally 'Use PID' and enter the PID of your client
- Click 'Save'
Now you can use your DC client to login using this loginname and pass. Accounts with profile Hubowner will have all rights and overrides. After loggin in start setting up your hub. Seen ext section: "First Time Use"

If you want to import old accounts from your previous hub:
First make sure that FlexHub contains the same profilenames as your Ynhub or Ptokax hub. Click the 'Import accounts' button that opens an import dialogbox.
For Ynhub: Choose Ynhub, click Browse and select the accounts.xml file, then click 'Import accounts'
For Ptokax: Choose Ptokax, click Browse and select the RegisteredUsers.xml file, then click 'Import accounts'. The file Profiles.xml needs to in the same folder as the RegisteredUsers.xml for this to work.
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