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import/export feature

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import/export feature
« on: February 12, 2011, 12:17:45 »
I know from past experiences on helping a newbie hubowner setting up a 1st hub is always a minefield and somewhat difficult to say the least!!

as they will not have a clue on what to do or set up the best possible hub layout/ security settings etc - as a possible help tool why not have an import/export feature that can enable someone to set the hub up the hub as the person needing help requests or needs or use existing setup from a friends hub and export all the configuration to a file then enable the end user to import the configuration file it into their hubsoft then would enable tweaks if needed.

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Re: import/export feature
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 13:15:40 »
All ini-files can simply be copied to a new hub if desired. It's best to close the hubsoft before copying.

HubAccounts.ini - contains all registered accounts (needs HubProfiles.ini with matching profiles)
HubBans.ini - contains IP, nick and rangebans
HubBlocks.ini - contains all muted, muppetized, kennied, downloadblocked and pmblocked IP's
HubChatRooms.ini - contains all named chatrooms
HubCmdAlias - contains alternative commandnames
HubFilters -  contains settings for !muppetize
HubPatterns - contains all forbidden patterns
HubProfiles - contains all accountprofiles
HubProtects - contains protected nicks/IP's
HubSecurity - contains all security-setttings
HubSettings - contains all main hubsettings

Within a network, it's possible to distribute for example: HubPatterns, HubProfiles and HubSecurity so that all hubs have the same basic setup for those categories.
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