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How to change !hubinfo content?

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How to change !hubinfo content?
« on: March 20, 2011, 22:04:56 »
How to change !hubinfo content:

You can set up end message of what !hubinfo command displays:
!set hub_info <text>   Extra information that will display at the end of !hubinfo or for %[hubinfo]

e.g.   !set hub_info Welcome to our hub! Enjoy your stay!

Here you can also place a value of %[user_reginfo] and %[user_downloadinfo]
To change %[user_reginfo] use:
!set reg_info <text>    Extra information that will display for %[user_reginfo]
e.g.   !set reg_info To register, use !regme <password> or use the rightclick menu 

%[user_downloadinfo] will display downloading info that comes from hub settings, also if downloading is disabled.
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