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Creating chatrooms

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Creating chatrooms
« on: April 14, 2011, 20:59:01 »
To create chatrooms you can use two sets of of commands.

First is type of chatrooms that can be created for profile levels you can find in "Chatroom Management" section of !help:

To show all already existing rooms type !showrooms :
e.g. !showrooms

List of profile chatrooms

Name                      Type         Profile      Description
FlexFeed                  FeedRoom       Access level: 8      Description: FlexHub FeedRoom
FlexChat                  OpChat          Access level: 5      Description: FlexHub Operator Chat

List of private chatrooms

Name      Owner      Members


To add new chatroom to your hub use !addroom <name> <profile_level> <room_description>
e.g. !addroom Admin'sRoom 7 This is room for Admins
<FlexBot> ChatRoom Admin'sRoom for profilelevel 7 and higher is added.

To delete room try !delroom <name>
e.g. !delroom Admin'sRoom
To change room description try !setroomdesc <name> <description>
e.g. !setroomdesc Admin'sRoom Admin Room
To change room name try !setroomname <old_name> <new_name>
e.g. !setroomname Admin'sRoom Room_for_Admins


Second type of rooms are private rooms for choosen users. Help on commands you can check in "Room Commands" section of !help.
If you want to create a room only for few specified users type !privateroom <room_name> <nicks> - add as many nicks as you want (all users with specified nicks will be able to see and talk inside of new private room).
e.g. !privateroom FriendlyRoom Monic Guffy Xeon
<FlexBot> Private chatroom created for: LadyStardust Monic(temporary) Guffy(temporary) Xeon(temporary)

To invite more nicks use !invite command inside of the private room:
e.g. !invite Nicole
[18:03:06] <FriendlyRoom> LadyStardust invited user(s) to this room:  Nicole(temporary)

To check which users aready can attend the room type !list inside of the room
e.g. !list
<FriendlyRoom> Memberlist:
   LadyStardust (online)
   Guffy (temporary) (offline)
   Monic (temporary) (offline)
   Xeon (temporary) (offline)
   Nicole (temporary) (offline)

To uninvite someone from your room use !uninvite command inside of the room:
e.g. !uninvite Nicole
<FriendlyRoom> LadyStardust uninvited user(s) from this room: Nicole

The only person who can delete the room is the person who created it. Type !leave inside of a room to delete it. If someone else who is invited to the room would like to leave it - can also type !leave inside of the room.
To remove the room type !delroom <name>
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