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unusually futures we should try with ?

unusually futures we should try with ?
« on: October 17, 2009, 23:26:31 »
ok lets start from prolog : i have spoken with flupke already about that , but i also want to know more opinion about that idea,
its not only about flexhub but my qeustion is should we do transformation like this anyway and also who could help with any knowledge to develop that , and what about speed of all mechanism , if anyone did maybe any part of my idea then feel free to comment how was it .

ps. it is part of log i spoked with flupke , but i cut most important things only to be concern about .

that hubsoft can start new era on dc
there is also another shit on dc after ddos
and there are bots
im think you should remove all way to run bots on this hubsoft
from scripts and tools
hubsoft should have itself mehanizm inside if not like itself pinger protection lets say
then other protection
hubsoft could check itself if there are bots on it also
and it shouldnt be removed in any way
same could have implemented some functions to not allow bots from lua like maybe some simple of bot inside or some rule , if there lua with code blablabla try to connect ,then do not entry
you should also check some tools and bot scripts and figure out that
and stop in this hubsoft loading bots if not 100% then so much as it is possible
we know there is also someone who could change it but also most are noobs and will not know how to do this
now there are lots of hubs with fakes everywhere
if not even by your foult then if someone buy redirect
and also is scam
couse they sell bots
that is most ugly thing
in dc
and lots of people aslo leave dc after they see on red color in client ups fake and they cant download stuff
so protect from loading bots and share check flexhub should have
oh and yes
look operators are lazy naw or have not proper client for this
so im think also about that flexhub should have this filters about kiddy porn , as if someone search for this and if share it
also should be some time delay before seaching in standard
like 5 sec im think it is important to hubsoft have itself that
that could protect agains crashed or use more memory and cpu
im thinking about junction network between flexhubs
so if someone have many hubs then some person join one of you hub and search for flupke.mp3 and there is no this mp3 on hub 1 then if you turn on option junction network it could contact other hubs and see if there is this mp3
put info about hub addy where it is and what user it have
some kind like emule network
so you could search files on one hub
and if not download it from one then just that info where it is
on hubs linked as junction network
that could chenge all dc
couse hubs are anyway on hublist
but you can't join all same time
but what if we open flexhubs and they will be on hublist then use between them junction network and here we go
user just join random hub and type search then that waht i said before
like we can use this search for users or hub names  on dechublist or in hex right ?
then why not search for share among hublists ?
even link hublists too
we could change dc by this
why not first open hublist,
then type in search what you looking for and there will appear info about hub and user with that share or magnet link ???
prob maybe even you should build own hublist but im think is worth it
imagine that
it could bring to life dc again and if users will tell then others they will join again dc .
so we could rebuild whole dc !
i dont know if you good understand my idea so i tell like this
it is time to upgrade dc
and make it some hybrid like dc++ kazaa ,emule and torrents inside
couse yes we could even put lnks or make hmy ,, joint , connection between other networks
couse also mechanism that can search magnet links or something like that up from torrents or emule by making MULTICONNECTION JUNCTION NETWORK
and we know that is possible
couse power in lua is big and lua socket
then prob litle help from c++ or other coders
for this multi ctm arround networks
it is also important to someone did not only notifications but whole firewall for flexhub network :D
dc++ is paradise
could be also coded aplication for join as user who want to become private and sending mails or internet surfing
and use dc same as onion routing or some other kind
or protection against ddos
we could kill ddos forever even
i dont have idea how exactly do this now or maybe i have ...
i was thinking about this before but more to only protect myself and to use this in both ways
ever heard about Phalanx mailbox ddos protection ?
let me show you
yes we could build protocol for this and mechanism
and it could work like this then whoever join our network is under protection couse WE as users everyone inside hubs/torrents/etc more better if that was run as i see all in one based on dc :)
-can be filters for any attacks
if milions will join network like this everyone could be ddos proof and maybe other complicated attacks
couse someone who run ddos attack from botnet with 10 k bots taking you as target but it is not only you but whole network of filters .prepared protocols which can stop ddos and also it could be not your ip anyway couse everyone was mixed arround
nearly like this article say but also im think it should be in every filter which mean ourselfs should be prepared some small firewall filters etc maybe based on linux ip table
all of this in dc client or another tool like a plugin for dc
couse mother of this mechanism should be inside dc++ protocol and hubsoft then just some plugin and here we go with privacy and protection .
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Re: unusually futures we should try with ?
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2009, 12:18:35 »
To summarize what you would like:

- some kind of protection against adding 'hubbots', which would mean you could not run a script
- search-filter for sick porn (or any other unwanted searchterms) : already implemented and working
- share-check for sick porn: not implemented, will only be available as external script later
- connect hubs to improve searchresults with the results of interconnected hubs: won't be implemented (yet), have a look at Strong's usage of DHT, that might be the answer you're looking for.
- ddos protection by using a Phalanx mechanism: impossible without the full implementation in clients as well, maybe a light version of this system is possible for a hubsoft, but this will be examined after the beta release.

Did i miss anything? Small advice: try to keep your ideas basic and use some kind of interpunction or layout tools to keep things simple. ;-)
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Re: unusually futures we should try with ?
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2009, 21:42:36 »
well most hated thing for me is the botting ,fake share bots or just zero sahre bots from scripts or tools to move up hub in hublists .

ah and who cares so much about usage , for sure it will use little more resources , but maybe not so much need to code all and figure out that after tests and maybe whatever it will use much or not it should be this option for making dc better quality .
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