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Shortcuts to hubcommands

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Shortcuts to hubcommands
« on: June 27, 2011, 20:28:27 »
You can use those instead of full hub command name:

!help (!h)
!hubinfo (!hi)
!ipinfo <ip> (!ii)
!userinfo <nick> (!ui)
!addreg <nick> <pass> <profile> [<ip>] (!ar)
!changereg <nick> <newnick> (!cr)
!delreg <nick> (!dr)
!setprofile <nick> <newprofile> (!sp)
!baninfo <nick/IP> (!bi)
!tempban <nick> <time> [<reason>] (!tban)
!tempbanip <ip> <time> <reason> (!tbi)
!tempbannick <nick> <time> <reason> (!tbn)
!tempkill <nick> <time> [<reason>] (!tk)
!unban <nick/ip/range> <reason> (!ub)
!showallbans (!sab)       
!showipbans (!sib)
!shownickbans (!snb)
!showrangebans (!srb)
!clearexpiringbans <hours> (!ceb)
!corestats (!cs)
!lockmain (!lm)
!unlockmain (!ulm)
!restartscripts (!rs)
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Re: Shortcuts to hubcommands
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2011, 14:06:13 »
Ok .. Thanks  ;)

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Re: Shortcuts to hubcommands
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2013, 06:55:34 »
Maybe someone will want to add their own short commands.
This can be done by editing the file 'HubCmdAlias.ini', for example:

   ["dr"] = "delreg",
   ["tbi"] = "tempbanip",
        ... etc

Also, you can do the translation for commands in this file! For example:

   ["помощь"] = "help",

Don't forget to check !set cmd_alias true.

After editing the ini file, use !rs to reload the settings.

Note: if you make a syntax error in the ini file, the ini file will be comletely reset to default! So you will lose all the changes in that file then. So don't forget a comma, ] or " anywhere.

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