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Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1197 released

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Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1197 released
« on: October 01, 2011, 23:43:18 »
Here's a brandnew release of FlexHub with a long list of new features, improvements and fixes!

To update to svn 1197 in your hub use: !update now
Or download it here.


- FIXED : STABILITY ISSUES (messages to hubgui could cause a crash without any message in Feed.log or Error.log)
+ added : !cmdhistory / !cmdhistory <nick or ip>  / showing the full command history, or command history of a nick or IP
+ added : !import / for commandline import of accounts from other hubsofts, requires the /import folder
+ added : !lockpm and !unlockpm
+ added : !checkredirects / checking online status of redirect addresses/array, with automatic fallback to an online address
+ added : !addstats / !delstats / !modstats / !showstats to write text including %[variables] to a file on a timed interval
+ added : !set rd_regonly / specify a redirect address when hub is regonly, leave empty to just disconnect the user
+ added : !set rd_checkinterval / specify the autocheck time interval for online status of redirect addresses/array, set to 0 to disable
+ added : !set rd_checkalert / choose wether redirect addresses going offline/online should be shown in feed
+ added : !set rd_checkfallback / set the fallback method for offline redirect addresses, use none, array, main, or any
+ added : !set bot_talk false  / to disable the feedmessages 'talks to bot' when someone sends a PM to the hubbot
+ added : overrides for profiles: lockmc / lockpm
+ added : $SaltPass for NMDC, clients supporting $SaltPass don't send their passwords in plaintext, but send a 'salted hash' instead
+ added : support for PFSR (partial file sharing) and KEYP (secure connection) for ADC
+ added : variables for textcommands: %[speedsent] %[speedsentpeak] %[speedreceived] %[speedreceivedpeak] %[datasent] %[datareceived] %[mem] %[mempeak]
+ added : ':raw' parameter for variables with time or bytes to show unformatted, example: %[totalshare:raw] %[uptime:raw]
+ added : Variables %[vars] can now be used in quotes (only hub vars, no users vars)
- changed : on detection of a new DDOS source hubaddress, the IP of the first connecting client that specified the source address is shown
- changed : !showports has additional port/connection statistics
- changed : !quote now accepts a number to show a specific quote
- changed : !delquote now has the option to delete all quotes by using !delquote all
- changed : !showregs now accepts wildcard * to search registered nicks, without wildcard it assumes a profilename
- changed : !set allowtls isn't used anymore, TLS is allowed on _OS "Linux" only now
- changed : debug feed for SSL login procedure set to debug_feedlevel 3
- changed : more debug feed from SettingsManager:Initialize on possible errors during loading of ini files
- changed : !stats now has detailed compression statistics
- changed : automatic update checks will now only announce a new update available in feed level 0, other messages are level 1
- fixed : locally connecting hubowners can now download in both ADC and NMDC, the external IP will be broadcasted to users instead of local IP
- fixed : ghosting issues: registered users can now login even if already connected with another IP, the already connected user will be dropped
- fixed : removed double feed on actions from patternchecks and deflood checks
- fixed : textcommands (addcmd / modcmd) can now handle texts with " characters in the content
- fixed : registering to hublist registration servers now prevents a double connection to same IP
- fixed : automatic registering to hublist regservers is now working, use !set reghub_interval to specify the time between registrations
- fixed : ADCS and NMDCS addresses are now used in addreg,regme etc when the port in !set hub_address is a secure port
- fixed : !<textcommand> -h now displays the helptext if a helptext was set
- fixed : clearing of !bindip
- fixed : ADC: FS (number of shared files) was still broadcasted even when share was hidden
- fixed : for regonly hubs: botname won't be used until login is complete
- fixed : user profilelevel didn't change when user registered with !regme <pass>
- fixed : bug when importing accounts, this needed a hub restart to fix the imported accounts
- fixed : bug in reading/writing ini files when a locale was used with a different numeric notation (comma versus dot)
- fixed : no output in main from %[ quote] when there was only one quote
- fixed : output of !reginfo could end up in statusbar
- fixed : bug in !addredirects with adc:// or adcs:// etc
- fixed : removed 'because: " from redirect feedmessages if no redirect reason was given
- fixed : proper return message on unmute when user isn't muted

NOTE: For !restart to work when running multiple FlexHubs, you'll have to make sure that the files you start the hub with, have a unique name. For Windows this means renaming both FlexHub.lua and FlexHub.exe (both the .exe and the .lua need to have the same name though), for Linux this means renaming FlexHub.lua only. So for example in Windows: rename FlexHub.lua to FlexHub1.lua and FlexHub.exe to FlexHub1.exe.

NOTE: Linux --nogui version needs the file: bit.so in the FlexHub lib-folder, available in FlexHub_0.1_1146_linux.tgz if you don't already have it.

NOTE: After '!update now' the hub will tell you if it needs a !restart or if you can just use !rs (reload scripts) instead. If the path to FlexHub.exe contains spaces the hub will have to be started once manually if it was running svn 1108 or earlier before updating, a correct restart script (for use with !restart) will only be created on manual startup.

Keep giving feedback!

Regards, the FlexHub team
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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1197 released
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2011, 23:44:54 »
Yey we go 0.2 \o/  :D Now!
Best regards,

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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1197 released
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2011, 01:35:20 »
Congratulations to all the staff and all those who helped in the development and design of this new release. We are in the beta 2. It goes on ... really compliments ...

Go...Go...Go ... !!! ;-)

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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1197 released
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2011, 05:15:06 »
Yeahhhhhhhhh cool Thanks to the Team
enjoy :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good sunday  :-*

Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1197 released
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2011, 09:52:39 »
Excellent work guys!