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Hub statistics
« on: October 03, 2011, 20:14:12 »
From now on we can save hub statistics to a file.
Some seperate commands have been added to make it easier for us:

   !addstats <filename> -t<time> <text> - Add saving statistics
   !modstats <filename> [-t<time>] [<text>] - Modify a statistics file
   !showstats - List already added statistics files
   !showstats <filename> - Show details for statistics file name
   !delstats <name>    - Delete a statistics save

-t<time> we use in the same way as it is used in patterns (s - seconds m - minutes h - hours etc)
Example below will create a file with statistics for amount of users in your hub, memory usage and data - content will be saved every hour.

!addstats stats -t3600 Uptime: %[uptime] / Version: %[version] %[svn] / Online users: %[usercount] (Peak: %[userpeak]) / Memory use: %[mem] (Peak: %[mempeak]) / Data sent: %[datasent] / Data received: %[datareceived]

Every file in "Log" folder we can check with command !showlog

   !showlog <log file> [<number of lines>]         Show the last lines of a log file, type showlog without parameters to see a list of avaliable logfiles (default 25, max 100).
e.g. !showlog stats 10
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