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import aquila accounts

import aquila accounts
« on: December 20, 2011, 17:54:08 »
i just tryed the right clicks to do the aquila imports and got this error

[16:49:54] <FlexBot> *** !import Aquila %[line:Filename (without path, uses import folder)
[16:49:54] <FlexBot> Error: Couldn't open file 'C:/Users/loki/Desktop/FlexHub/import/%[line:Filename'. Error: C:/Users/loki/Desktop/FlexHub/import/%[line:Filename: No such file or directory.
Check the file: ./logs/Import.log for details, or use !showlog import. Use !import -h for more details.

so i did

!import Aquila Aquila.xml

the import log showed them all added but when i looked @ !showregs * it just showed this

[16:52:46] <FlexBot> *** !showregs *
[16:52:46] <FlexBot> Showing Registered user by level:

   Level   Online   Profile      Nick

   10    Yes   Hubowner      light-angel

   There are 1 matches and a total of 1 users registered in this hub.

Re: import aquila accounts
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2011, 17:58:35 »
yes, sorry,  i made a typo in the rightclicks.

will be fixed very soon