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Hublist and pinger management.

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Hublist and pinger management.
« on: May 27, 2012, 16:21:42 »
Few hublists require you to register on webside to be able to register your hub. Usually first hublist to register your hub is dchublist.com Register your nickname first and then add as many hubs as you want.
There is also one hublist where you can register your hub and manage it using your client only, for that login to hublist.feardc.net:411 and read MOTD for further tips.

In FlexHub you can add seperetely ADC and NMDC hublists by adding hublist's regserver. All needed commands you will find in "Hublist Commands" section under !sethelp command.
Use !addhublist <protocol> <server address>:<port>   eg. !addhublist <NMDC> <dchublistserveraddress>:<2701>   

   Hublist Commands
   !addhublist <protocol> <address:port>         Add a hublist (protocol = ADC or NMDC)
   !delhublist <protocol> <address:port>         Delete a hublist (protocol = ADC or NMDC)
   !showhublists               Show hublists
   !reghub                  Register the hub to available hublists

List of servers you can find in following topics:

For pinger settings type !set Hublists and check PM window.

!set pinger_announce - Announce pinger when it connects to the hub. Set to true or false: !set pinger_announce true
!set pinger_announcelevel - Minimum profilelevel that will receive the pinger-announcements. For example set with number 10, to makie it visible to Hubowner profile only:
!set pinger_announcelevel 10
!set pinger_message - Message when pinger connects, that will by displayed: Set message to show in NMDC on status bar:
!set pinger_message Pinger with nick: %[user_name] detected. There are %[usercount] users online.                                                                        is kicking because:
!set pinger_target - utput of the pinger announcements to: mainchat, feed or opchat. To show in main chat use: !set pinger_target mainchat
!set reghub_interval - Time between automatic hublists registrations. If you want to disable: !set reghub_interval 0

NOTE for svn version 1326:

Before pingers were never let into a reg_only hub (this also meant that some older bots was not able to connect either, and thats the reason for the change).
Now the setting !set allowpinger in section !set rules controls whether pingers are allowed in or not (if the hub is reg_only the pinger also needs to be registered of course).
This means that if you do not want to allow pingers in your hub you should make sure that setting is set to false so that the correct message is sent back to the pinger that is trying to connect.

Pingers can now join reg only hubs if !set allowpinger true
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