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FlexHubList launched
« on: October 17, 2013, 19:54:44 »
Today we have a brand new development to announce: The FlexHubList
This is a public hublist containing all public FlexHubs that have enabled web statistics.

It can be viewed here:  http://hublist.flexhub.org

The statistics for each hub can be viewed. Search and filter functionality will be added and we will also add the option for hubowners to enable/disable public access to (part of) the statistics. If you own a hub that's listed there and don't want it displayed let me know, I can remove it manually now.

To add the hublist to your DC client, goto Public Hubs, Configure and add this: http://hublist.flexhub.org/hublist.xml.bz2

Note: only FlexHubs with svn 1466 or later that aren't set to 'regonly' will be shown in the hublist. If you want your hub removed from that list, send me a personal message with your hubname and address please.
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Check the new FlexHubList!           Add awesome statistics like this for your hub!

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