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Having problems with users forgetting their passwords or setting it wrong?

If you run a reg hub you probably from time to time have those users that keep messing things up  ;)
They tend to loose their reg details or enter their passwords wrong.

FlexHub provides you with a set of unique options to resolve this problem.

First there is a setting in the !set security category called pass_msg. This can be set to any message you want the user to receive instead of the default "You provided a wrong password.". The text can include most of the %[] variables that is available for text commands (display the full list with !showcmd -showvars). You can use this to let the user know an email adress or another hub where admins can be contacted to resolve the issue, or any message you want.

There is also a feature we call 'blank passwords', it allows you to remove a users password and then on next login the user will get in using what ever password he fancies (depending on the client being used the new password is set already on login, or the user is prompted to manually set the password after login to get his full credentials).

To make this work you start by enabling blank passwords (!set security section again and !set pass_allowblank), next you remove the users password like this !setpass nick "", if you want to restrict the user to one ip address while the password is blank you first do !bindip nick ip.

After the problem user has logged in and set his or hers password you can disable the function again with !set pass_allowblank false

And some technical stuff that might be of interest, but can be ignored if you don't want to read it  ::)

The setting !set pass_cleanbind defaults to true and does so the bindip is cleared for a user after a password has been set (only if it was first blank, not for normal password changes, so this setting can in most cases always be left on the default).

When pass_allowblank is set to true any user that has a blank password is notified (repeatedly until the password is set) how to set the password.

There is also a check that runs once every 24 hours that reports to opchat with a list of registered users that has a blank password.

Level 10 accounts like Hubowners are not allowed to use blank passwords for safety reasons.

think that covers most of the FlexHub features on this issue