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*** !changereg msg bug

*** !changereg msg bug
« on: October 04, 2012, 14:05:19 »
[03-10-2012 20:50:56] <¤xxx¤> *** !changereg [4Mbit]xxx[1Mbit]xxx
[03-10-2012 20:50:56] <¤xxx¤> Changed registered nickname from: [4Mbit]xxx to: [1Mbit]xxxUser is online and has been told to reconnect with new nick
[03-10-2012 20:50:56] <xxx> [1Mbit]xxxis now known as [1Mbit]xxx

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Re: *** !changereg msg bug
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2012, 20:12:38 »
hmm i dont know how you got it coz what i get is:

[20:10:47] <Winterfell> *** !changereg kotek piesek
[20:10:47] <Winterfell> Changed registered nickname from: kotek to: piesek User is online and has been told to reconnect with new nick

and on pm i get:

[20:10:47] <Winterfell> Your registered nickname was changed from: kotek to: piesek:

   Nickname:   piesek
   Profile:      Reg
   HubName:   KittyHouse
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Re: *** !changereg msg bug
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2012, 23:38:03 »
Currently when changereg is used on an online ADC user, his/her actual nickname is changed immediately, this is because ADC allows it. For NMDC that can't be done so then a reconnect is needed.

So it's not a bug you are seeing, it's a feature ;-)

But the reply from the changereg command on an ADC user can be improved, like:

Changed registered nickname from: [4Mbit]xxx to [1Mbit]xxxUser
The user is online, has been notified about the change and has been renamed immediately.
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