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ShareTrace in Flex ??

ShareTrace in Flex ??
« on: October 03, 2010, 21:11:42 »
ShareTrace (ST) pro's and con's ??
It would be an advance in DC to be able to target know viruses/trojans/search string files/unwanted programs ect...
Instead of using kick and ban which many users get around in minutes we need to use a centraly updated ST system, we kick and ban only to pass the problem on to another hub/network.. we use PB to block their ip's (for a day or 2), many users must be laughing at our uselesness.. especially the sicko's!
I know op's do this but it is then dependant on hooman's... (cough) and also uses a lot of hub bandwidth when many op's are using adl search. And let's face it.. IT HAS NOT WORKED SO FAR... Plus.. 500 flexhubs all running this sharetrace will soon clean up DC.
If it was in the hubsoft it could auto update from a central server thus keeping any Flex hub much cleaner than any other hubsoft and protect everyone inside those hubs.
Hubowners could pick and choose what they wanted to block from entering the hub or turn it off or run it on a schedule.
There are i think two ways to do this, one would be inside the hubsoft and the other would be a client/bot/script/thingymagig running on the server as a addon and share info to/from the hubsoft.
The basic points would be User A is booted for the TTH of File 1, info on this user is stored and on reconnection they are tested for the File 1 TTH, if they pass they get in the hub, if they don't they are reminded to remove File 1 and blocked from entering and not redirected.
ST is available in Ynhub but it only checks actual share size and not the actual bad file that the user was booted for, this can be easily cheated by changing sharesize so a TTH version would be much more precise.
Broad usage of ST could clean up DC in a short time and could be used for many different bad files and surely would be a great selling point/attribute for Flex/DC.
Any and all ideas welcomed... >

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Re: ShareTrace in Flex ??
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2010, 00:29:50 »
Good idea imo - till it doesn't take too much of CPU (I guess it depends how is implemented).
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Re: ShareTrace in Flex ??
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2010, 20:05:09 »
I like the kick+ShareTrace function... The End..

Re: ShareTrace in Flex ??
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2011, 10:42:16 »
Refering to kick+sharetrace, as it is in ynhub, I think is pretty pointless unless ops actually do a follow up job and keep their eye on feed for a user returning with his changed share since it doesnt mean he removed an offending file, in fact, in most cases that i ever saw the user had simply increased his/her sharesize. If you are suggesting the file is detected if you kicked the user and he returns with the same file and expect the hubsoft to scan and detect it, I think it would greatly increase the resources used by the hubsoft. Personally I think its best if you have one or two ops in your hub using a good client to scan connecting users and simply kick them again.
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