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Second largest exploit in NMDC history

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Re: Second largest exploit in NMDC history
« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2016, 23:24:08 »
2 years old he says. What have you written in your life? You asked me to put back old style Verlihub $Lock because your pinger could not identify new 1.0.0 version, you remember? You needed whole army to change the pinger code to fix that issue? LOL. Your hublist source code was the first one that was sold by some Romanian guy many years ago, that later became available for download for free. You have not planted a single tree in you life, so don't talk about programming with me or anyone else from my team. Kurwa, I found a serious bug and you are talking about backdoors in HeXHub?! You have nothing else to say? Get a life, idiot.

Last Update: 2014-03-01  on hexhub.
I did rewrite a pinger  so it detects your weird verlihub $Lock myself.Also had do rewrite myself almost every script in that romanian hublist soft you are reffering to, as it was done in php4 era. You acted as arrogant back then as u do today when i asked you for a simple code fix.
Im not gonna waste my time on conversations with an ashole - especially during Easter.
I code for money buddy - so when i take a look at a website i can immidiately judge the designer.Just by looking at it.

Let me know when u done DDoS ind our server moron - hope u get bored soon.... Whatta loser...
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Re: Second largest exploit in NMDC history
« Reply #16 on: October 22, 2021, 13:25:16 »
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[2021-10-21 22:50:16] $MyINFO $ALL [US]Proxima_v2. Hublist\sPinger.<++ V:0.868,M:A,H:1/0/1,S:5>$ $1001 . chr(1) .$justapinger$969362118216$