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Spam from team elite Take care of DC ++

Spam from team elite Take care of DC ++
« on: April 03, 2015, 21:10:04 »
Spam from team elite .. The story

Since a few weeks there are problems with the verli forum and Redmaster have a war
with other users Rolex and Torento to fill some hubs and get several fakehubs online.
Then i read on the verliforum that rolex want to passed dc because he was tyred of anyting
and say he want to do "other thinks about deepweb".. .

Non-authoritative answer: <  He close his verliforum and other users from help verlihub
Name:   hub.verlihub.net

Later when all info was known Rolex close his verlihub forum because some users know to mutch
and all support from verlihub was al earlier ignord from him and was always angry to several beginning verlihub users who not know about plugins and config files.

Now its 4 weaks when he passed and several hubs from team elite are dossing, most at the weekend
and talk with Zebedee about it, the destroy ther own hobby and the hobby from other users.

They making jokes when they ddosing the Flexhubforum ..

[18:35] <Gust> ~ I s   P l a y i n g :  Damian Lazarus - Memory Box ~ 02:46 Of 04:06 ~
[18:35] <Gust> :) ciao
[18:37] <Gust> " :-O oh my God! an italian user! Run away!"
[18:37] <Gust> xD
[18:37] <Gust> ~ I s   P l a y i n g :  Damian Lazarus - Bloop Bleep ~ 00:29 Of 07:42 ~
[19:13] *** Connect failed: Connection reset by peer
[19:15] *** Connecting to dchub://support.flexhub.org:8000
[19:15] *** Connect failed
[19:17] *** Connecting to dchub://support.flexhub.org:8000
[19:17] *** Connect failed

Some people don`t give about it >
[20:41] <[THC]Delphi> flexhub is a shit
[20:41] <[THC]Delphi> i have Verli
[20:42] <[THC]Delphi> infact same crap,no anti-ddos
[20:43] <[THC]Delphi> i dont spam too ,but see me
[20:44] <[THC]Delphi> i am a victim of the stupid ego of some ppl
[20:44] <[THC]Delphi> ofc i dont care

But i care from dc so there is a solution if the problems are worser to mail the data centre
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   nemesis.te-home.net

Take care about dc and don`t let it happend what earlier is past in 2010 we want to grow dc..

Happy hubbing..