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I dont thing that pinger waits at all if the hub is regged as adc:// it will send HSUP immidiately unless there is a network connection issue and connection is slowed down . Maybe setting wait time to 2 seconds will be better. Lets wait for that log...Hard to say whats up withou it...
Feature requests / Re: FlexHub doesn't let ADC hublist pinger connect with ADC
« Last post by FlipFlop™ on November 25, 2015, 22:16:46 »
I'ts all about the timing.
If your pinger connects to an ADC hub it should immediately send the HSUP, because if the pinger waits for a second before sending HSUP it will receive a $Lock from the hub because the hub will try NMDC login then.
Here is how hublist deals with protocol:

                   if (substr($out, 0 , 5) == '$Lock'){
                      $sql = "UPDATE hubs SET protocol = 'dchub://' , status = 'Wrong protocol, this hubs uses the NMDC protocol. Protocol changed to NMDC' WHERE id = '$id'";
                    print("<p align=\"center\">Wrong protocol, this hub uses the NMDC protocol. The protocol was changed</p>");
                      fwrite($file , "\r\n\r\n\r\n
  • Wrong protocol, this hub uses the NMDC protocol. The protocol was changed\r\n\r\n\r\n");

I did edit address to adc// now will have to wait for ping results up to 2 hours depending where is it i quede..
Feature requests / Re: FlexHub doesn't let ADC hublist pinger connect with ADC
« Last post by FlipFlop™ on November 25, 2015, 22:03:15 »
Can't you get the ADC log from the pinger?
You can set it to connect to adc://support.flexhub.org:8000

I've enabled monitoring on the pinger IP in Flex support hub, I can see what happens on this end when you connect now.
Hre is regular log of pinger connection on FLEX running in nmdc mode:

Pinging support.flexhub.org:8000
  • Socket created
  • Connected

 [ 14:11:48 ][ --> ]$Lock EXTENDEDPROTOCOL_FLEXHUB_MULTIPROTOCOL_EDW3 Pk=version0.2
 [ 14:11:48 ][ <-- ]$Supports NoGetINFO NoHello BotINFO|
 [ 14:11:48 ][ <-- ]$Key BÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ01‘ ÑÑqÑ!‘Ñ‘ ѱ±ÀÀ01¡1F|
 [ 14:11:48 ][ <-- ]$ValidateNick HublistPinger|
 [ 14:11:48 ][ --> ]$Supports NoGetINFO NoHello BotINFO
 [ 14:11:48 ][ --> ]$HubName FlexHub Support
 [ 14:11:48 ][ --> ]$Hello HublistPinger
 [ 14:11:48 ][ <-- ]$Version 1,0091|
 [ 14:11:48 ][ <-- ]$GetNickList|
 [ 14:11:48 ][ <-- ]$MyINFO $ALL HublistPinger visit our hublist at dchublist dot org<++ V:0.843,M:A,H:1/0/1,S:5>$ $Cable$admin@unitedhublist.com$2086698705833$|
 [ 14:11:49 ][ --> ]$HubName FlexHub Support - RIP oldindian, you will be missed

And everything looks fine i will have to setup a flexhub myself in adc mode to get that adc log.
Here is what ping does on adc:// address

[ 11:11:09 ][ <-- ]HSUP ADBASE ADTIGR ADPING

 [ 11:11:09 ][ --> ]ISID GY2M
 [ 11:11:09 ][ --> ]IINF NIDCHUBLIST.ORG\sSUPPORT\sHUB\s-\s[ADC] APLUADCH VEv2.16 DEBest\sDirect\sConnect\sHublist! HHdc-united.ddns.net WShttp://dchublist.org NEyour\shubnetwork\sname OWyou UC5 MS0 XS2.199023255552e+014 ML2 XL20 XU20 XR20 XO20 MC2000 UP50390 HU1 HI1 CT32

All looks good yet everytime ping connects to flexhub using adc:// address after 1st ping it converts it to nmdc - will look in code on my end as i know there is protocol verification in php somewhere that could cause this...But for now at dchublist.org its impossible to see any flexhub in adc mode at all :(
Feature requests / Re: FlexHub doesn't let ADC hublist pinger connect with ADC
« Last post by FlipFlop™ on November 25, 2015, 21:31:08 »
Can you make the pinger store a logfile of the connection? It would be easier to determine the problem then.

Flexhub uses autodetection to see if the client uses adc or nmdc, it does so by waiting for a full second on the first command from the client, HSUP should be sent by client as soon as it's connected to the hub.

If the client (or in this the pinger) waits longer than 1 second, the hub will try NMDC protocol by sending the $Lock. So if your pinger takes too long before sending HSUP, the pinger receives the $Lock and thinks it's an NMDC hub. When a Flexhub is set to be ADC only, the NMDC (partial) login is still used to automatically redirect to the ADC address of the same hub using a $ForceMove.
General discussion / Re: Second largest exploit in NMDC history
« Last post by dchublist.org on November 25, 2015, 01:23:48 »
Backdoor can be anything that affects security. For example: ability of login as admin by soft developer or anyone that knows a way - bypassing all security passwords etc. Can be hidden admin account etc. That's nasty and unfair if someone has 15000 users hub and one day some asshole logs in and redirects all users to his server - just like that .......

In unic and source code anyone can go through the code line by line - loolz - and look for weird code its much harder on compiled windows softs ...if possible at all.

And that sucks!

I call it a backdoor - u rolex can name it whatever u want.
Feature requests / FlexHub doesn't let ADC hublist pinger connect with ADC
« Last post by dchublist.org on November 25, 2015, 01:20:17 »
I have noticed that if i set flechub to serve only as adc server after pinger connects it gets wrong protocol used - and converts it to nmdc hub.....

Not sure why! And what causes this .....
FAQ / Re: working hublist addy`s
« Last post by dchublist.org on November 25, 2015, 01:14:12 »
Just an update because i could not afford to keep 2 domains to host one site and because its completely pointless:

 hublist.net is now dchublist.org same site - same hublist.One domain :)
Looking at the logs it seems the hub does start normally and users can even connect. After seven minutes it shuts down though.
Were the users able to connect normally, ie: did the login procedure finish normally and did they get access to mainchat and userlist?

There might be something in the 6.0 DSM beta release that kicks in and terminates the hub, I'm not sure.
I'm running DSM 5.2.5644 myself, Flex runs fine there. My NAS runs in a production environment so I'm not taking the risk of using beta versions. As soon as 6.0 reaches full public release I'll have a look at this.

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