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Title: connecting hubs
Post by: LadyStardust on June 28, 2009, 14:21:50
User friendly feature:
Possibility to connect two or more hubs together in a way as hublink works with mainchat but only for downloading, so user sending search requests will be able to get response and download a file from a hub that is linked.
Hubowner would have a possibility to link two or more hubs of his own choice where users would have a possibility to connect to each other without being in  the same hub. More sources = more search results. It would be nice to control it somehow (optional, as in other hubsofts where user is allowed in a hub but can download only when meets additional hub settings), lets say that hubsoft would check a user with previously specified restriction that hubowner will set up in a hubsoft ( so in practice, user in “hub 1” will be allowed to download from a user in “hub 2” if he's sharing 200Gb with 10 slots open etc.). Some monitoring will be needed in GUI/hubcommands - like traffic statistics from linked hubs to control any problem with lag in a hub or any host's problems with internet connection etc.
Title: Re: connecting hubs
Post by: FlipFlop™ on June 28, 2009, 18:39:52
Sounds like a very interesting idea, this can be made to work between different flexhubs.
It'll involve some work though, like additional 'deflood' settings for the link-connection so a hubowner can throttle the amount of traffic from and to the linked hub.

We'll see if we can implement this after the first stable release.

Title: Re: connecting hubs
Post by: Count_Syrius on October 14, 2009, 21:41:12
hah ! that is also i was requested  :)