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Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1469 - Synology NAS DSM 6.0
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Description: FlexHub package for Synology NAS devices running DiskStation DSM 6.0 or higher, with x86 Cedarview, Bromolow or Braswell Intel processors.

WARNING: Before uninstalling an existing FlexHub package, make a backup of the entire shared flexhub folder (usually on volume1) BEFORE uninstalling the package! Due to a bug in the previous uninstall script all settings and the shared folder are removed even when you choose to 'Keep files and shared folder'.

To be able to install the package you may have to change the trustlevel to 'Any publisher' in Package Center settings.

This package is suitable for the following models (all containing an Intel x86 processor):
DS114+, DS214play, DS411+, DS411+ II, DS412+, DS710+, DS712+, DS713+, DS714, DS1010+, DS1511+, DS1512+, DS1513+, DS1812+, DS1813+, DS2411+, DS2413+, DS3611xs, DS3612xs, RS810+/RS810RP+, RS812+/RS812RP+, RS2211+/RS2211RP+, RS2212+/RS2212RP+, RS3411xs/RS3411RPxs, RS3412xs/RS3412RPxs.
Update 2016-05-04: Braswell processor also supported now, for models DS216+ and DS716+
Update 2016-09-12: Rangeley processor also supported now, for models RS815+ and DS1815+

We haven't been able to test them all ofcourse, so if you encounter any problems on any of the systems above, please let me know.

The package installation asks for a loginname and password, those will be set as hubowner account and with those details you can login using a DC client, ApexDC++ is recommended.

Installation will then ask to choose a port, choose a free port (for example 411) and make sure that port is properly forwarded to your NAS IP.

If you want to use settings from a backup, after installing the package stop the hub first, then copy the files to the shared flexhub folder, then start the hub again.
September 12, 2016, 00:29:55

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