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Title: bug command
Post by: þ††i£øû]v[™ on September 27, 2013, 01:55:43
i see that for a friend :

- [01:48:16] *** Connected
- [01:48:16] <{[‰[ßóT]‰]}> You are kicked/banned from potes.dyndns.biz:12345 until: 27/09/2013 03:42:42 because: Your mainchat message matches a forbidden pattern:  te pelera le jonccccccc  www.flexhub.org na mhuaaaaaah ah ah
- [01:48:16] *** Redirect request received to a hub that's already connected
- [01:48:16] *** Disconnected

thanks  Phil
Title: Re: bug command
Post by: FlipFlop™ on September 27, 2013, 09:16:47
Do you have more info about that? What client is he using, is he connecting to a TLS or regular port? ADC or NMDC? What's the address so I can try to connect?

If it keeps happening, can you try connecting with a client that has CDM debugging enabled? Then you can see what traffic is sent and received exactly, so the problem can be detected easier.