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Sorry I just noticed I posted my question in the wrong place, so please forgive the double posting.

OK here is one for you and I am sure it is an easy fix, but I am a complete noob.

 Anytime a Regged user post a link in the main chat, the Bot will kick them and ban their IP, how can I change this in the regged user settings so that it does not happen?

 I noticed that by upping the user level to SuperUser it will stop, but I don't want to have to upgrade everyone, so if there is something I can change in the regged user setting it would be way good..


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No doubt I will be told if I am wrong.

There will be a pattern that is triggering the kick

ie  2   32   "[Ww][Ww][Ww]%."                   Kick

you have to work out what they get kicked for and mod the pattern  to be -a-1   ie unregged users only

!showpattern MC  will show you all patterns and who gets kicked warned or dropped.

use  !modpattern MC "[Ww][Ww][Ww]%." -p-1 a32          changing the bit in the "   "   to the pattern u wish to alter

Sorry if this explanation is muddled


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Thanks Zep, I am going to post what I see in mod pattern MC below, and see if you may be able to point me to the correct setting, as I am a very visual mind set type....thanks for getting back on this though, even though flexhub is a bit daunting in complexity I am having a blast working it out to fit our hub needs and wants.

Showing patterns for: MC mainchat message (priority ordered)

   Profile   Actions   Pattern            Actions

   1   32   "%S+://"                           Kick
   1   32   "%d+%.%d+%.%d+%.%d+"               Kick
   1   32   "[Ww][Ww][Ww]%."                   Kick

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!showpatter MC displays a list of existing patterns used in your hub in main chat - also profile level which is affected by the pattern.
If you type in your hub !showprofiles it will show you which profile level is 1.
Reg is profile level 0
You need to change the pattern so Regs are safe, (at the moment - by looking at what you pasted - profile 1 is affected). The setting you need to change is -p1 to -p-1 (so only unregistered users will be affected - like Zeb said) ie:
!addpattern <type> "<pattern>" [-p<profilelevel>] [-a<actions>] [-r<replace> "<text>"]

      <type>      What to check:
         MC = Mainchat
         PM = Personal messages
         RE = Reports
         SE = Searches
         SR = Searchresults

         NI = Nickname
         DE = Description
         EM = Email
         VE = Clientversion
         SS = Sharesize

      "<pattern>"      A RegExp pattern for matching the string

      [-p<profilelevel>]   The maximum profilelevel to check, a number in the range from -1 (User) to 10 (Hubowner)

      [-a<actions>]      A number defining what action to take:
         0   Allow (can only be used in combination with replace)
         1   Ignore
         2   Notify user
         4   Warn user
         8   Mute user
         16   Disconnect user
         32   Kick user
         64   Ban user
         128   Redirect user (uses the redirect address from: !set rd_flood)

         One of the values above (except 0) can be combined with one or more of the following:

         256   Notify Opchat
         512   Lock Mainchat (use with caution)

      [-r<number> "<text>"]      What to replace <number> followed by the replacing "<text>":
         1   Replace match
         2   Replace entire message

So following the above instructions, you change:
!modpattern MC  "%S+://"  -p-1
!modpattern MC  "%d+%.%d+%.%d+%.%d+"  -p-1
!modpattern MC  ""[Ww][Ww][Ww]%.""  -p-1
You don't have to type all the values of the pattern, only those you want to change (!modpattern <type> "<pattern>" <value_you_change> )

Results will be:
Code: [Select]
[18:33:42] <FlexBot> *** !modpattern MC "[Ww][Ww][Ww]%." -p-1
[18:33:42] <FlexBot> Pattern modified:

Showing pattern for: MC mainchat message

Profile Actions Pattern Actions

-1 32 "[Ww][Ww][Ww]%."                Kick

Now only profile -1 is affected by this pattern (ie unregistered users).
Best regards,

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Thank you very much........Going to take awhile to teach this old dog new tricks but with the help you gave I am one step closer and to you also Zeb.

Thanks again