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Would it be possible to create multiple groups of quotes?

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I created a command to display a random quote to MC(to display advertisements) and i added a few quotes:
Code: [Select]
!addcmd xxx -o58 -t2h "%[quote]"
!addquote quote1
!addquote quoteN

Will it be possible in the future to create multiple groups of quotes(e.g. to display in the MC advertising, aphorisms, jokes, etc) at different times?
For example:
Code: [Select]
!addcmd xxx -o58 -t2h "%[quotegroup1]"
!addcmd yyy -o58 -t600 "%[quotegroup2]"
!addcmd nnn -o58 -t12h "%[quotegroupN]"

And accordingly:
Code: [Select]
!addquotegroup1 quote1
!addquotegroup1 quoteN

!addquotegroup2 quote1
!addquotegroup2 quoteN

Need so that quote the different groups be displayed in the MC at different times (in accordance with the theme groups) and so that they are not confused.
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Re: Would it be possible to create multiple groups of quotes?
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2013, 00:30:45 »
Adding quote groups/categories has been on my todo list for a while already, but it has a verrrrrrry low priority.

So don't hold your breath ;-)
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