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Flexhub Beta 0.1 svn 1035 released

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Flexhub Beta 0.1 svn 1035 released
« on: February 25, 2011, 23:37:02 »
Changelog svn 1035:
+ added : automatic detection and protection of the hub's external IP, based on !set hub_address
+ added : automatic cleanup of autobans once an hour
+ added : !set announce_higherprofile and !set announce_lowerprofile to determine output to user on profilechange
+ added : sending stats to update server for public hubs
- fixed : !update now properly handles tth check on binary files
- fixed : wrong result on nick patternchecks for profilelevels higher than -1
- fixed : message when using an invalid !set category
- fixed : NMDC rightclicks for textcommands
- fixed : rightclick for !addcmd
* changed : excluded TTH checks from search pattern checks

NOTE: After '!update now' the hub will tell you if it needs a full restart (stop/start hub won't work for this) or if you can just use !rs instead.

Keep giving feedback!

Regards, FlipFlop

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