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Flexhub Beta 0.1 svn 1055 released - important security update!

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The 4th of April svn 1053 was released, but followed immediately with a security fix in svn 1054.
Unfortunately there was a bug in svn 1054 that could cause wrong bans, so here it is: svn 1055!

svn 1055
- fixed : bug in security update

svn 1054
- fixed : security update, increased filtering of malformed data

svn 1053
- fixed : locally connected hubowners can now search and download too in both ADC and NMDC (also when active)
- fixed : changing hubname now properly updates window title and taskbar tooltip
+ added : Login notification if you're hidden
+ added : 'Confirm close' option in hub console
+ added : IP bind option to bind the hub ports to a specific interface, linux commandline argument: --bind=<ip>
+ added : !memstats (temporary debug tool, can stall the hub and uses a lot of memory itself, use with care)
* changed : removed popup on sending too much data in one command
* changed : string handling for sending traffic, should improve speed and reduce memory use especially on high usercount (500+)
* changed : small memory optimizations
* changed : improved handling of invalid protocol messages

NOTE: Linux --nogui version needs the file: bit.so in the FlexHub lib-folder, available in FlexHub_0.1_1055_linux.tgz if you don't already have it.

NOTE: After '!update now' the hub will tell you if it needs a full restart (stop/start hub won't work for this) or if you can just use !rs instead.

Keep giving feedback!

Regards, FlipFlop

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