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Flexhub Beta 0.1 svn 1146 released

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Flexhub Beta 0.1 svn 1146 released
« on: August 28, 2011, 00:10:54 »
FlexHub now support ADCS and NMDCS (encrypted traffic) for Linux.
Currently this is supported for Linux only, the lib used in Windows can cause the hub to freeze, we're working on that.

A guide on how to enable SSL/TLS in your hub can be found here.

To update to svn 1146 in your hub use: !update now
Or download it here.


svn 1146
- fixed : bug when running in array mode

svn 1145
+ added : #830168 Allow patterns -r texts to use %[variables]
+ added : tFuncs:UnlockMutexes() to release locks when a pcall (that might contain a lock) fails
+ added : !set rd_mode: normal, array, or single >> to determine hub redirect behavior:
         normal: normal hub operation with rulebased redirects
         single: redirects everyone to main redirect address
         array: after processing rules it uses a list of hubs as array
      profiles with override on "redirect" won't be redirected
+ added : !addredirect !delredirect !showredirects  to manage the array list of hubaddresses

- changed : improved output of !showredirects
- changed : history cleaning is now only allowed if allowed "setcmd"

- fixed : error messages when using commands on protected profiles (addreg, changereg, setprofile, modprofile)
- fixed : cleaned up some globals/locals vars
- fixed : not allowed to create gui accounts from hub
- fixed : not showing pass in feed on setmypass
- fixed : bug in !history <num> not recognizing the num
- fixed : if installed as Win service and ["nogui"] = true in FlexHub.lua, restart script will use stop and start service commands (thanks Peter)
- fixed : some more overrides on protected IP's for NMDC login procedure of bots
- fixed : bug in DDOS autoban

NOTE: For !restart to work when running multiple FlexHubs, you'll have to make sure that the files you start the hub with, have a unique name. For Windows this means renaming both FlexHub.lua and FlexHub.exe (both the .exe and the .lua need to have the same name though), for Linux this means renaming FlexHub.lua only. So for example in Windows: rename FlexHub.lua to FlexHub1.lua and FlexHub.exe to FlexHub1.exe.

NOTE: Linux --nogui version needs the file: bit.so in the FlexHub lib-folder, available in FlexHub_0.1_1146_linux.tgz if you don't already have it.

NOTE: After '!update now' the hub will tell you if it needs a !restart or if you can just use !rs (reload scripts) instead. If the path to FlexHub.exe contains spaces the hub will have to be started once manually if it was running svn 1108 or earlier before updating, a correct restart script (for use with !restart) will only be created on manual startup.

Keep giving feedback!

Regards, the FlexHub team
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