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Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1326 released

Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1326 released
« on: May 23, 2012, 21:29:52 »
This release of FlexHub introduces two changes that you should be aware of,

The first one is something that concerns everyone running FlexHub and that the changed behaviour of when a pinger is let into a hub or not.
Before pingers were never let into a reg_only hub (this also meant that some older bots was not able to connect either, and thats the reason for the change).
Now the setting !set allowpinger in section !set rules controls whether pingers are allowed in or not (if the hub is reg_only the pinger also needs to be registered of course).
This means that if you do not want to allow pingers in your hub you should make sure that setting is set to false so that the correct message is sent back to the pinger that is trying to connect.

The other change that we made is that the conversion between utf-8 (for ADC traffic) and the local charset (used for NMDC) has been partly rewritten in the hope that it will now work better.
What you probably will see is that the number of conversion errors in feed will be fewer, and that more messages will actually end up in main. The method we are using now is called translitteration, and we use it in combination with the previous method that ignored unconvertable characters. I also added a small command !convstats that shows some information related to the conversion that might be useful to know when/if you want to report any problems.

For this update a restart of the hub is needed.

Use '!update now' in your hub or download it from the download section linked above.

Changelog for this release:
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svn 1326
* changed : !report can now accept messages without reporting a nickname
* changed : added quotation marks for the display of textcommands with !addcmd and !modcmd
* changed : added rightclick for message to operators with !report
* changed : bindip input can now contain the wildcards ? and * , where ? matches 0 or 1 digit, and * matches 0 or more digits, example !bindip nick 192.168.100.*;192.168.1?1.*
* changed : changed to lowercase sorting for several hubcommand output lists, should result in a more natural sorting
* changed : charset conversion now uses TRANSLIT instead of IGNORE which results in less dropping of chars (thx exleper)
* changed : hubip update check now runs immediately on startup of the hub and updates every 30 minutes
* changed : minor change to output of account registration (thx Charlie, keep nagging)
* changed : more touchups to bindip, list, ui and privateroom outputs
* changed : moved Escape function from tFuncs to own file tEsc
* changed : moved redirect feed to level 1,
+ added : new command added !convstats  it displays some hub stats related to string conversion between ADC/NMDC, useful when reporting bugs to the FlexHub team
- fixed : !ui for feed and opchat now shows the proper list of users that have access to it, before they both showed who had access to feed https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub/+bug/993982
- fixed : The main security category was missing from !set *
- fixed : When same CID a lower level could push a higher level account from the hub, if both logins were with same IP https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub/+bug/992157
- fixed : bug in Check:Cid resulting in unfinished login procedure for double ADC connects
- fixed : double login with same nick failed on ADC : https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub/+bug/991749 Missing information in Login BINF
- fixed : hubsettings were saved everytime the external IP was checked, even if it didn't change
- fixed : it was possible to invite other chatrooms as member of a chatroom (commands !invite and !privateroom)
- fixed : pingers can now join registered hubs if !set allowpinger true
- fixed : port sort order in attackstats #988789 !attackstats https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub/+bug/988789
- fixed : right click broken on !override
- fixed : set ignore_unknown now completely ignore unknown commands
- fixed : strange error when UserCommands was not generated when user logs in, thanks Massi for reporting.
- fixed : the command !list that is used inside rooms to list users are changed so it behaves as similar as possible in the different types of rooms, also now it will only display the list of online users. If you want a full list use !ui
- fixed : the setting pass_cleanbind that clears the bindip when the password is set or changed, didnt actually always save the removal of the bindip
- fixed : updating of external IP for locally connected users https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub/+bug/994197 Host's IP won't display properly
- fixed : using !ui on private rooms caused an error

NOTE: For !restart to work when running multiple FlexHubs, you'll have to make sure that the files you start the hub with, have a unique name. For Windows this means renaming both FlexHub.lua and FlexHub.exe (both the .exe and the .lua need to have the same name though), for Linux this means renaming FlexHub.lua only. So for example in Windows: rename FlexHub.lua to FlexHub1.lua and FlexHub.exe to FlexHub1.exe.

NOTE: Linux --nogui version needs the file: bit.so in the FlexHub lib-folder, available in the Linux archive in download section if you don't already have it. The FlexHub team currently does not support or supply Linux x64 versions.

NOTE: After '!update now' the hub will tell you if it needs a !restart or if you can just use !rs (reload scripts) instead. If the path to FlexHub.exe contains spaces the hub will have to be started once manually if it was running svn 1108 or earlier before updating, a correct restart script (for use with !restart) will only be created on manual startup.

Keep giving feedback!

Regards, the FlexHub team
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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1326 released
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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1326 released
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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1326 released
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