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Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1358 released

Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1358 released
« on: July 02, 2012, 23:35:20 »

Starting with this version ports and bind interface are now stored in hub settings and does not have to be used on the command line each time anymore (it also fixed a rather annoying issue where running from command line and from Console-Gui did not use the same settings for ports, sorry for that).

This update of FlexHub introduce a rather large change for you that runs FlexHub without the Console-Gui, the rest of you can safely ignore this part.
After a successful update and restart of this version you only need to add information on the commandline if you want to change a setting before the hub starts, else you can edit them from inside the hub.

For ports we have introduced the new !addports and !delports commands to make it possible to change ports from inside a running hub.
For the bind you use the !set bindinterface setting in the Console category to edit the bind interface setting (its now also avaliable in the Console-Gui) A hub restart is required for this setting to take effect.

We have introduced a few new startup switches to enable or disable some commands completely from the hub

   --nogui            To disable the hub Console-GUI
   --noupdate            To disable the !update command in the hub
   --nochangeports         To disable the commands to add and remove ports inside a running hub
   --norestart            To disable the restart function from inside the hub
   --noshutdown         To disable the shutdown function from inside the hub
   --notouchrestartscript      To tell FlexHub to not touch the RestartScript.sh or RestartScript.bat used to restart the hub (it will still create one if its missing)

nogui and noupdate has been there for a while, but the rest are new, these switches are not stored in hub settings and must either be used on the commandline each time, or you can edit the FlexHub.lua file to contain them there.

Except for this the update contains some fixes related to ADC NAT traversal and NMDC secure transfers that should improve the user experience, and a rather long changelog follows (as usual)

And last but not least (and sure one of the more fun ones)

FlipFlop have added a completely new feature - webstats, (it looks like this : http://flexhub.org/stats/flexhub.php?hubid=VKAFLB )
Read more about this in this thread : http://www.flexhub.org/forum/index.php?topic=485.msg1643#msg1643

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svn 1358
* changed : !unprotect <nick> now also removes the autoprotected IP's for that nick
* changed : the $Key sequence is no longer displayed unfiltered in feed since it can possibly mess up in ADC clients (RSX)
* changed : added note to addports/delports when hub is started on commandline and commandline contains ports (because commandline overrides hub settings)
* changed : changed Invalid Connectiong msg in feed to something more useful
* changed : command showports now lists all ports in settings regardless if they are open or not
* changed : disconnect on nick in use to feedlevel 2
* changed : double concatenating of line ends in Raw function revised - loads changed so please report any new weirdness
* changed : help text for addreg modified and command reply changed when pass_allowblank is set to false and someone tries to add a new reg with out password
* changed : reason of autoprotect IP now shows nick
+ added : !set webstats category Manual changing there is not needed, automatically done by webstats_reg
+ added : !set wrongprotocol_action to determine what action to take on bad traffic
+ added : !webstats_reg <nick> <pass>  Use forum login details to register to enable web statistics
+ added : bindinterface field in Console Gui
+ added : bindinterface setting from command line is stored in hub settings
+ added : commandline parameters for ports and bindinterface is now saved in hubsettings on first use and does not have to be repeated each time, this also means that when running from command line the hub will actually use the ports from settings, if avaliable
+ added : host user limit from command line is stored in settings
+ added : new startup switch --notouchrestartscripts to tell FlexHub to not edit the RestartScript.sh / bat. It will create one if its missing though
+ added : new startup switches added, --noshutdown, --norestart and --nochangeports to block the use of commands shutdown, restart, addports and delports
+ added : two new commands, addports and delports now makes it possible to open and close ports from inside a running hub without a restart
- fixed : ADC NAT traversal for passive clients wasn't working
- fixed : NMDC secure C-C connections and NAT from host with local IP weren't working
- fixed : added Webstats settings category to !set *
- fixed : added disconnect reason when nick is already in the hub to feed
- fixed : better return message to restart/shutdown command
- fixed : bug in MyINFO which could cause all users to be protected
- fixed : changing the hard max user limit in console always set the maxusers limit as well, now only sets it if hard limit is lower than maxusers
- fixed : error from set command when setting require a number and user entered something else
- fixed : error in function call in deflood check when long messages were trunkated
- fixed : mainchat message returned as hubbot when ignore_unknown was true
- fixed : modified output of the different showbans command to better align columns (not finished)
- fixed : on startup it always looked like the hard userlimit was being set
- fixed : passwords from hubcommands don't show up anymore in logs/history (except when !showpass is used in opchat or feed)
- fixed : ports update in console now when changed with addports or delports
- fixed : small bug, big crash
- fixed : small touchup of invalid msg again, please test this on both feed level 0 and 1 as it will produce different results
- fixed : warning when changing bind address in console, that hub has to be stopped/started to take effect

NOTE: For !restart to work when running multiple FlexHubs, you'll have to make sure that the files you start the hub with, have a unique name. For Windows this means renaming both FlexHub.lua and FlexHub.exe (both the .exe and the .lua need to have the same name though), for Linux this means renaming FlexHub.lua only. So for example in Windows: rename FlexHub.lua to FlexHub1.lua and FlexHub.exe to FlexHub1.exe.

NOTE: Linux --nogui version needs the file: bit.so in the FlexHub lib-folder, available in the Linux archive in download section if you don't already have it. The FlexHub team currently does not support or supply Linux x64 versions.

NOTE: After '!update now' the hub will tell you if it needs a !restart or if you can just use !rs (reload scripts) instead. If the path to FlexHub.exe contains spaces the hub will have to be started once manually if it was running svn 1108 or earlier before updating, a correct restart script (for use with !restart) will only be created on manual startup.

Keep giving feedback!

Regards, the FlexHub team

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Re: Flexhub Beta 0.2 svn 1358 released
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2012, 10:53:57 »
There's a bug in the 1358 release that can result in failing to restart the hub properly.

We're working on a solution right now, updating has been disabled until that solution is released.
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