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Title: Featurelist status
Post by: FlipFlop™ on June 19, 2009, 21:51:00
We'll keep a list here of the status of requested or planned features:

- allow or deny IP's with specific countrycodes //requested by Morrowind
- allow a user to be added to a chatroom for only that session //requested by Morrowind
- multi IP-ban, with ; separated list of IP's to ban
- block hubcommands for a single user/IP: !blockcmd  //requested by Saymon
- allow dns in bindip // FlopP
- add option to show nick/ip on login attempt to regonly hub // Hamachi
- force hideshare on profile
- timed hubcommands // requested by Massi

- hublink that allows cross-(flex)hub searching and downloading
- hublink for synching of settings/kicks/bans/regs/mainchat  //requested by Morrowind
- support for bloomfilters //as discussed with cologic™
- mysql storage of hubsettings/logs etc //requested by Wolfbane
- password expiration / force password change //requested by Charlie

- timed autosaving of statistics to a logfile (or show in feed)// requested by LadyStardust (use textvariables (http://flexhub.org/wiki/index.php/Variables) in a timed !addcmd)
- alternate banreasons, the banned user will be shown a different reason than the real reason, particularly useful for bans based on patterns, like a descriptionfield, emailaddress or tag, that way it'll be harder for the user to figure out what to change to be able to get back in the hub
- 'private chatroom' creation, only the one who created it, can invite others to join
- support other hubsofts rawcommands, hubowner can choose which set of cmds to use //requested by Stora, partly implemented already
- stealth !mute, with extra arguments to determine the extent of the mute //requested by Lotus

Possible with external script as soon as Ptokax Lua API is working:
- proxy blocking based on proxylists can be done with an external script once the lua API is added. proxy blocking for M:5 tags works though.
- automatic filelist checking for bad TTH's / filenames etc   //requested by Morrowind
Title: Re: Featurelist status
Post by: þ††i£øû]v[™ on March 26, 2011, 03:50:55
all this its cool :))
Title: Re: Featurelist status
Post by: Hamachi on July 22, 2011, 00:37:16
ADCS and NMDCS support are planned

So dont ask ;)
Title: Re: Featurelist status
Post by: Hamachi on August 28, 2011, 21:14:37
ADCS and NMDCS Supportet :)