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How to set up welcome message for each profile?

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How to set up welcome message for each profile?
« on: December 05, 2011, 19:25:02 »
First you have to enable welcome message for a profile you want. Below we will specify message that shows when someone with Hubowner profile is login in to the hub.

To list settings for Hubowner profile use !showprofile Hubowner
There you can see the "Login message: " that is currently empty. To set it up use !modprofile command (to see help for this command try !modprofile -h) :
!modprofile Hubowner message Welcome to our hub Hubowner %[user_name]

Now your welcome message for Hubowner profile is: Welcome to our hub Hubowner %[user_name]

To display this message in a hub you need to create a separate command and use %[user_profilemessage] variable:
!addcmd welcomeprofile -o54 -p-1 -m10 -u-1 "%[user_profilemessage]"

This way you can set up separate welcome message to each profile that displays when registered user is login in to your hub.
To remove one of welcome messages leave the field "Login message: " empty. Use: !modprofile <profilename> message
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